Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Domestic Cleaning

After a day at work it is time to relax. We will do the chores that you don’t want to or have time to do, leaving your home just how you want it for when you return. Your free time should be spent on the things you love, so leave the cleaning in our hands!

£12 per hour!

In the Kitchen and Dining Areas
-Wipe down appliances (exterior)
-Wipe down microwave (exterior and interior)
-Wipe down all of the work tops/window sills/tables/chairs
-Clean splash back
-Clean cupboard doors and handles (exterior)
-Put away any dishes that have been left to dry
-Or fill the dishwasher/empty the dishwasher
-Clean the sink, drying area and taps
-Dust the skirting boards/plug sockets
-General dusting
-Take out bins/recycling
-Clean mirrors
-Vacuum and/or mop floors
-Wipe down fridge and freezer (exterior)
-Wipe down baby highchair
-Clean the hob, extractor fan and light switches


In the Living Room
-Clean coffee tables/cupboards/side tables
-General dusting
-Clean light switches
-Fluff cushions, fold throws
-Wipe down TV/stereo/radio/settee etc
-Dust the skirting boards/plug sockets
-Dust bookshelves/dressers
-Clean mirrors
-General tidying/clean mugs/glasses/magazines/books away
-Empty bins
-Vacuum and/or mop floors
-Clean window sills
-Vacuum away cobwebs
-Tidy up any kids toys off the floor

In the Bedrooms
-Make beds if needed
-Fluff and straighten pillows/throws
-Clean door handles
-General tidying
-Clean light switches
-Clean mirrors
-Dust the skirting boards/plug sockets
-Vacuum and/or mop floors
-Empty bins
-Tidy up toys from the floor
-Clean window sills

In the Bathroom
-Clean the bath/shower/sink/toilet inside and out
-Clean the toilet brush holder (exterior)
-Clean the mirrors
-Wipe down the cabinets (exterior)
-Wipe down the window sills
-Wipe down the tiles
-Clean chrome fixtures
-Dust the skirting boards
-Empty bins
-Hung and/or fold towels neatly
-Vacuum and/or mop the floor
-Vacuum and place bath mats neatly
-Clean toiletry bottles and place them neatly
-Tidy up any kids bath toys

In the Hallway and the Stairs
-Dust the handrails
-Clean the skirting boards/plug sockets
-Vacuum and/or mop the floors
-Vacuum and/or mop the stairs
-Dust any picture frames
-Vacuum away cobwebs
-Vacuum the doormat
-Tidy up shoes
-Wipe down the door and door handle (inside the house)

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