One off Domestic Cleaning

If you require a one off deep clean, this is the option for you. If your cleaning has built up over time or you have just moved in to a new property, we can offer a one time deep clean for you to have a fresh start.

Currently we can only offer this service on saturday or sunday

If you require a one off clean, please contact us to arrange a quote. Price subject to viewing.

In the Kitchen and Dining rooms
-Wipe down appliances (exterior and interior, for descaling customer needs to supply descaling or cleaning tablets etc for kettle/dishwasher/washing machine)
-Wipe down microwave (exterior and interior)
-Wipe down all of the work tops/windowsills/tables/chairs
-Clean splashback/tiles
-Clean cupboard doors and handles (exterior and interior)
-Clean cupboards inside (if required)
-Clean on top of the cupboards (if accessable)
-Put away any dishes that have been left to dry
-Or fill the dishwasher/empty the dishwasher
-Clean the sink, drying area and taps
-Clean and dust skirting boards
-General dusting
-Take out bins/recycling
-Clean the bins/recycling/food waste bin
-Clean any mirrors
-Vacuum and/or mop floors
-Wipe down fridge and freezer (exterior and interior, if required)
-Wipe down baby highchair
-Clean the hob and extractor fan
-Clean the oven (exterior and interior if required)
-Clean the light switches
-Vacuum away cobwebs
-Wipe down door handles
-Clean windows from inside (if accessible)
-Tidy the pantry/cleaning cupboard (if required)

In the Living Room
-Help you declutter/put things into cupboards for the next season
-Polish any wood furniture
-General dusting
-Clean light switches
-Vacuum/wipe down any upholstery
-Fluff cushions, tidy up any throws
-Wipe down TV/stereo/radio etc
-Clean the skirting boards
-Dust and clean the plug sockets
-Dust bookshelves/cupboards/dressers
-Dust on top of bookshelves/cupboards/dressers (if accessible)
-Clean mirrors
-General tidying/clean mugs/glasses/magazines/books away
-Empty bins
-Vacuum and/or mop floors
-Clean window sills
-Vacuum away cobwebs
-Dust any lamps/lamp shades (if accessible)
-Tidy up any kids toys off the floor
-Wipe down door handles

In the Bedrooms
-Help you to pack away last seasons clothes/shoes (if required)
-Make beds
-Change bedding (if required)
-Fluff and straighten pillows/throws
-Wipe down doors and door handles
-General tidying of bits and pieces
-Dust lamp shades/picture frames (if accessible)
-Clean light switches
-Clean mirrors
-Wipe down skirting boards
-Clean and dust plug sockets
-Dust any toiletries
-Vacuum and/or mop floors
-Empty bins
-Tidy up toys from the floor

In the Bathroom
-Clean the bath/shower/sink/toilet (inside and out)
-Clean the toiler brush holder
-Clean the mirrors
-Wipe down the cabinets
-Clean the window sills
-Clean the tiles
-Clean chrome fixtures
-Wipe down skirting boards
-Empty bins
-Hung and/or fold towels neatly
-Vacuum and/or mop the floor
-Vacuum and place bath mats neatly
-Clean toiletry bottles and place them neatly
-Tidy up any kids bath toys
-Clean the toothbrush holder/soap dispenser
-Clean the window from inside (if accessible)

In the Hallway and the Stairs
-Clean handrails
-Clean the skirting boards
-Clean plug sockets
-Vacuum and/or mop the floors
-Vacuum and/or mop the stairs and landing
-Dust any picture frames
-Vacuum away cobwebs
-Vacuum the doormat
-Tidy up shoes
-Wipe down the door and door handle

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